Goals and

Key Strategies

Goal 1
Protect and Enhance Ecosystems

Protect and enhance critical ecosystems in Antigua and Barbuda to help reduce disaster risk, sequester carbon, and strengthen resilience against climate change and unsustainable development.

Goal 2
Strengthen the governance and management effectiveness of Protected Areas (PAs)

Strengthen the effective management of Antigua and Barbuda’s PAs and promote outreach and education on effective PA governance and management.

Goal 3
Increased human and financial resources for PAs from governments and communities

Collaborate with multi-sectoral partners to strengthen social capital and political will for PAs in support of increased sustainable funding for PA establishment, implementation, and effective management.

Goal 4
Education and Awareness

Educate, increase awareness and empower the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda to support conservation activities.

Goal 5
Support Sustainable Livelihoods

Provide education, training and funding to individuals involved in conservation efforts to promote sustainable livelihoods..

Key Strategies

To achieve its goals, the MEPA Trust will apply seven external and internal strategies:

External Strategies
Capacity for PA Governance and Management Increased:

Strengthen PA management and governance capacity by supporting development and implementation of PA management plans and planning for PA governance

Long-Term Investments Secured:

Support efforts to catalyze sustainable funding for long-term ecosystem protection, PA effectiveness, and sufficient PA operational capacity

Habitat Restored:

Encourage restoration of critical ecosystems in support of endangered and rare species

Support of PAs Obtained:

Build social capital among communities, government agencies, and other stakeholder sectors working on solutions and incentives for conservation of PAs to inspire political will for natural resource protection

Climate Change Resilience Strengthened:

Work with diverse partners to develop and enable implementation of mechanisms for responding to climate change, including the protection and maintenance of wetlands and coastal watersheds that may serve as carbon sinks.

Internal Strategies
Long-Term Investments Secured:

Internally, the MEPA Trust will search for funding opportunities to increase MEPA Trust funds that can be used to support grantees and in support of its vision and mission.

Partnerships Developed:

Internally and in support of its operations, the MEPA Trust will work to develop and strengthen their partnership with all key agencies involved in environment and PA management