MEPA Trust Governance

Board Composition

  • Natalya Lawrence-Marine Environmentalist-Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) (NGO) 
  • Dr Evelyn Weekes- Aquaponics NGO
  • Ms. Ruth Spencer- Ruth’s Place (NGO/Private Sector)
  • Mr. Gary Gore- Business and Fishing (Compliance) (NGO)
  • Representative of TNC (NGO)
  • Ms. Christine Young-Environmental -Galley Bay Hotel (Private sector)
  • Representative of the Environment Division (Gov)
  • Ms. Cordella Weston- Budget and Finance-Ministry of Finance (Gov)
  • Ms.Tricia Lovel, Fisheries Division (Gov)
  • Mr. Ogen Burton-Codrington Lagoon Management-Barbuda (Gov)
  • Senator Maureen-Hyman Payne, Lawyer-Legal Affairs (Gov)

The Trust is govern by a board of directors consisting of eleven members. Six Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and five Governmental. Both non-governmental and governmental members represents a wide cross section of civil society, private sector and government and both Chair and Deputy Chair are NGOs.  A quorum consist of six members with NGOs maintaining the majority at all times.