Quick Overview

The Marine Ecosystems Protected Area Trust Fund (MEPA Trust) is a National Protected Area Trust Fund (NPATF).

The MEPA Trust articles are consistent with the requirements of the Sustainable Financing & Management of Eastern Caribbean Marine Ecosystem Project .

The Trust is guided by laws, articles, operational manual and policies.

The MEPA Trust was duly registered on the 22nd May, 2015 under the Companies Act of Antigua and Barbuda 1995, as a “NOT FOR PROFIT COMPANYā€¯.

This Caribbean-regional project aims to promote sustainable environmental management by:

  1. Generating regular, predictable funding streams for the long-term management and expansion of marine and coastal protected areas in the Caribbean region to support the protection and maintenance of biodiversity and natural resources;
  2. Designing and implementing new revenue streams that will supplement existing conservation funding flows and matching funds for ongoing sources, including the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF); and
  3. Demonstrating good management practices in protected areas in Antigua and in Barbuda

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